The world has changed. And we all know it.


Our Mission

There is rapidly increasing uncertainty in the world today and with that an increased lack of concern for civility and humanity. Many people are generally stressed about world issues and equally so about the things going on in their own homes. Many silently suffer with trying to meet basic needs. How will their debts get paid? How will they increase their salaries? How will they provide a better life for their families, children, elderly and sick loved ones? How will they remain healthy, fed, sheltered or even safe? These are just some of their questions and there are more questions than answers. Many people, young and old are either giving up hope or waiting for the change that they are often promised to no avail. Our mission is to take the initiative and make things happen, not to sit back idly and watch things happen. Our foundation and our like minded supporters will not be deterred or fearful of failure. We are determined to make a difference and to restore hope. It is our intent to charitably give back starting with one cause at a time.

Raymond St. John, Founder